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What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient Indian system of physical, mental and spiritual self-exploration.

It is a living tradition and is as effective in modern times as it has been centuries ago.

In the classical language of India – Sanskrit, the word yoga means ‘union’. Practicing yoga brings harmony to or ‘joins together’ the mind, body and spirit.

How can you benefit from Yoga?

• Improve posture, strength and endurance
• Increase flexibility
• Balance endocrine and gastrointestinal function
• Increase cardiovascular and respiratory efficiency
• Benefit mental health – mood, memory and concentration

Hatha yoga

It is a classical form of yoga involving practice of asanas (yoga poses) and pranayama (breathing exercises).

The name is derived from the Sanskrit words – Ha (Sun) and Tha (Moon).

It aims to unite the Solar (energizing/active) and Lunar (relaxing/passive) energies of the body, and ultimately bring about a state of increased balance and well-being. The movement from posture to posture is gradual and medium-paced.

Vinyasa yoga

It is a more vigorous style of yoga that involves postures which flow quickly from one to another, synchronized with the breath.

This is why sometimes it is referred to as ‘flow yoga’. Vinyasa classes offer variety to the sequence of poses, so no two classes are ever alike.

This helps to achieve a more balanced body and prevent repetitive motion injuries that can happen from doing the same sequence of postures daily.

Vinyasa practice can generate heat and add a cardio component not always present in other yoga styles. It helps to build strength simultaneously with flexibility, while alternating between fast and slow speeds.

Raja Yoga

Raja Yoga (translated as ‘royal yoga’) is focused mainly on meditation and the perfection of ethical principles.

This branch puts a lot of emphasis on the study of yoga philosophy. It uses less asanas, but more mantras and advanced pranayama techniques to achieve a deep meditative state, which leads to the ultimate goal of yoga – Samadhi.

Yoga & Meditation – Group and Private classes

yoga & Meditation ancient healing arts

Private Yoga Class


1 Hour

A one-2-one yoga session involving maximum amount of personal attention as well as a tailor-made class structure based on your individual needs.

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Group Classes


1 session

Group yoga classes at various locations.


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