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What is the origin of Tibetan Bowls?

It is believed that it was Buddha who brought the first bowl from India to Tibet. There is a legend that this bowl is still kept in a Tibetan monastery and played on big occasions.

The highest Lamas used to use the bowls for ritual offerings to the gods and deities as well as journeying to a higher level of consciousness, but it was forbidden to talk about these bowls even within the monasteries themselves.

The word Buddha itself can be translated as “the Awakened One” and the sound of a Tibetan Singing Bowl can be used to alert us to a higher reality as we become more conscious of the True nature of our being in the present moment.

What levels does Sound Healing therapy have an impact?

Sound energy healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls is a very powerful form of energy medicine. Massage with Tibetan Singing Bowls has a healing impact on many levels:

• Energy Body: Vibration and sound combined release emotional tension and blocks, purifying the subtle energy channels and the energy field blueprint, rejuvenate the DNA structure (your information hardware).

• Cosmic Holographic Blueprint: by opening your channel with sound and vibration you can experience spiritual awakening, union with the universal consciousness and can heal yourself with new pure energy through your open energy channel, also triggering personal transformation.

• Physical Body: deep vibration releases tension in the muscles, pain, massages the organs, rewires the brain, so stress and anxiety disappear. It has been confirmed by research that cancer cells shatter with resonance therapy.

Conditions that can be improved with Sound Healing

Sound Energy medicine showed positive results in treatment of the following health conditions:

• Cancer & Leukaemia
• Pain & Anxiety reduction
• Insomnia
• Depression
• Alzheimer’s Disease
• Arthritis
• Heel spurs
• Recovery from surgery or trauma
• Circulation & high/low blood pressure
• Parkinson’s Disease
• Fibromyalgia

Benefits of Sound Healing Therapy:

Psychologically, the relaxation response initiates the following changes, which can also be classified as benefits of Sound Energy medicine (sound healing), just a few of them are:

• Decreases pain, both psychological and physiological
• Decreases anxiety & stress, fatigue and depression, nausea and headaches
• Decreases blood pressure and stimulates blood circulation
• Slows heart rate
• Slows respiration rate and normalises the breath
• Relaxes muscles
• Changes viscosity of phlegm in the lungs
• Skin surface massage and deep tissue massage
• Deep massage of intestines (often resulting in improvement of constipation)
• Analgesia
• Reduces stress hormone levels (Cortisol, Beta-endorphin and ACTH)
• Improves quality of life
• Improves reduction function

Sound Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls Treatments

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Tibetan Bowl Massage


1 Hour

The singing bowl is applied to various parts of the body as well as the energy field around it and played to generate a vibration. Special emphasis may be given to the chakras or any other places of blockage or tension.

Tibetan Bowl Bath

Tibetan Bowl Bath


30 mins

This is carried out with the client lying down on the floor with bowls placed around the on the sides of the body. The positions of the bowls coincide with the Indian or Tibetan chakra system. The bowls are then played in a specific sequence that helps to balance and clear the energy. This can also be done with combination.

Tibetan Bowl Massage and Bath combination

Tibetan Bowl Massage and Bath combination


1 Hour

The treatment starts with the Bath and then additionally the bowl is applied to various areas of the body directly.

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