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What are crystals?

Crystals are the flowers of the mineral kingdom and have been used by healers and shamans in crystal healing around the world for thousands of years.

Who has used crystals?

Crystalline structures have been found in prehistoric graves at various sites all over the world.

Ancient civilizations like the Olmec, Aztec, Maya, Celtic, Ancient Egypt, Babylon and Ancient Greece have been known to use crystals as well.

Why is crystal healing become so popular?

In modern times, we have seen a revival and continuous growth in the interest in crystals and their healing effects.

Crystal healing is becoming an increasingly popular therapy due to its effectiveness. Moreover, crystals don’t have any contraindications and are therefore safe to use for everyone.

How do crystals work?

There are many different kinds of explanations on how crystals work – scientific, magical and mystical. Some have been focused mainly on giving physical explanations.

However, the primary way in which crystals work is through the astral body, also known as the human energy field, which is highly electric.

The major energy centres of this field are the chakras. By emitting specific types of electricity, crystals are able to balance the energy in the chakras, which in turn has a positive effect on the physical and emotional bodies of a person. This is why crystals are able to heal many physical ailments as well as psychological.

Are crystals conscious beings?

Crystals also channel energy. They can store, focus, transmute and emit specific vibrations that can be used for healing and energizing purposes.

This can be viewed as magic, as it seems they would need a certain intelligence or at least consciousness within them to be able to do that. No wonder in some cultures they are referred to as the “Stone People”.

How is a crystal healing treatment carried out?

A crystal healing therapy session involves the client lying down fully clothed on a couch with various crystals placed on the chakras and surrounding areas.

A consultation prior to that determines the specific types of crystals used for the treatment. This is done both on an intuitive and intellectual level.

A master quartz crystal is then used to activate the energy of the crystals laid out on the body. Additionally, another healing modality like Reiki or Tibetan bowl sound healing can be applied on top in order to enhance the healing process.

In the same as Reiki, Crystal healing therapy can also be carried out as a distance healing session.

Crystal Healing Services

Crystal healing therapy-ancient healing arts

Crystal Healing Therapy


1 Hour

A live treatment as described above carried out in therapy rooms or as a home visit.

distance Crystal healing therapy-ancient healing arts

Distance Healing session


1 Hour

Crystal healing carried out at a distance. I will first tune in to your energy field and then use a “surrogate” to have the energy of the crystals to be transmitted to your chakras.

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