What is Crystal healing?

Crystals are naturally occurring mineral solids organically produced by the surface of the earth. Crystal healing is the application of crystals onto the human body in places where the chakras are located. After being applied, the crystals are then activated with a master crystal or hands-on-healing.

What are Chakras?

Chakras are major energy centres or “wheels”. They are roundabouts of energy created by a crossing of meridians (energy lines). Balanced and healthy chakras have an abundance of energy flowing through them. Blocked and slow-moving chakras are places where there are more likely to be health issues present.

Where are the chakras located?

There are seven major chakras located from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. They are vertically positioned along the midline of the body. Many minor chakras are also present in various other locations in the body.

What do crystals do?

Humans have been aware of the healing properties of crystals for thousands of years. Crystals transmit, transmute, focus and store energy. They also vibrate and produce electrical effects in response to stress or being heated. Crystals have also been shown to have “learning” and communicative abilities. They evolve their healing abilities to suit a changing environment.

How do chakras interact with crystals?

Every crystal channels its own unique energy, which interacts with the human energy field. Placing a crystal on a specific chakra that matches the energy creates an energetic balance that leads to healing. Chakras absorb the healing energies of the crystals inside the body and then release this energy through the meridians. In this way, chakras act as doorways to the healing effects of the crystals.

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