The role of the professional astrologer

Despite being originally used for medical purposes and to predict events, modern astrology has evolved into more of a counselling art. A professional astrologer is someone who has in-depth knowledge of planets and constellations and can apply these to a person’s character. He or she needs to be able to present the vast information in astrology in a way that is upbeat and helpful to the client.

What is the purpose of an astrological consultation?

An astrological consultation is primarily meant to help an individual gain better self-knowledge and self-understanding. It is also meant to guide a person through more difficult periods in life when the energies of the planets are more challenging. In that sense, astrology provides a “method to the madness”. It shows that life’s events are not just random, but actually initiated by the stars for specific purposes.

When does astrology become a counselling art?

Astrology becomes a counselling art when there is the deepest question of why coming from the client. In this moment, the spiritual and philosophical beliefs of the astrologer have the ability to have the most impact. They can help the client realise the deeper meaning of their life experiences. If the client is open to this understanding, a very profound healing can take place.

What is the role of the astrologer?

Astrology is a highly individualised art. The astrologer should help others see with better clarity their own uniqueness, individual worth, creative ability and potential for transformation. The most important thing, however is that there is no astrology without the astrologer. Astrological information is vast, but it is the astrologer that makes it relevant. It is the creative channel of the astrologer that opens up and allows the energy to flow.

What has the most effect?

Jung said that it is the personality of the healer that has the maximum effect. The system used is ultimately becomes irrelevant as it is the healer’s personal system that comes into play born out of their unique life experience. In that sense, any professional astrologer needs to develop their own particular system. They need to channel the astrology to the client in a way that is of maximum benefit for them.

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